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Mille Miglia trip progress

Austin Seven Posted on Thu, November 24, 2016 16:39:09

I have finalised the route and
selected proposed hotels for each night stop. I’ve been in contact with them
and am awaiting responses on room availability and costs. All hotels are pretty
much on the route (so we don’t have to deviate too much) and have on-site
parking.. As soon as I have received confirmation from the hotels that they
have rooms etc. I will post the details on here.. At present, it doesn’t look
like many of the hotels will require any form of deposit which is good…

Chris Simpson has sorted us secure parking in Brescia for the
modern cars and trailers which is fantastic! We will drop the cars off first
thing Monday morning before heading to the Mille Miglia Museum

The dates for the trip are:

Arrive in Brescia Sunday 17th September (or before..)

Day 1 Monday 18th Sept Start from the Mille Miglia Museum in
Brescia, travelling to Modena

Day 2 Tuesday 19th Sept Modena – Poggibonsi

Day 3 Wednesday 20th Sept Poggibonsi – Viterbo

Day 4 Thursday 21st Sept Viterbo – Terni

Day 5 Friday 22nd Sept Terni – Gubbio

Day 6 Saturday 23rd Sept REST DAY – Possible trip out to Assisi
which is about 30miles south for those interested

Day 7 Sunday 24th Sept Gubbio – Ancona

Day 8 Monday 25th Sept Ancona – Imola

Day 9 Tuesday 26th Sept Imola – Noale

Day 10 Wednesday 27th Sept Noale – Primolano

Day 11 Thursday 28th Sept Primolano – Brescia finishing at the
Mille Miglia Museum

Head home from Brescia on Friday 29th Sept

Really looking forward to this!!

problem solved

Austin Seven Posted on Thu, November 24, 2016 16:36:08

Following the first trip out and the engine becoming “lumpy” I did some investigation… Firstly looking at fuel which all looked ok.. Then looking at spark which at first seemed good but then I noticed it seemed a little inconsistent.. Upon further investigation I found that the rotor arm on the dizzy had a fair bit of sideways movement and hence was not operating as hoped…

So, stripped the dizzy to find the bushes on the rotor arm shaft where stuffed… purchased a new set, installed and all is good!! I did also find that one of the contacts on the points was wobbling around, so sorted that too…

Engine running very nicely now.

Car pretty much confined to the garage now as the winter weather has arrived. Will do some tinkering with a few things over the dark months and hope to be ready to put some serious miles on it in the spring..